Satellite VPN - your solid protection
Fast anonymous browsing for a great time online
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No limits or restrictions
Now you can stream and watch your favorite online content without any restrictions or limitations.
Reasons to use
Satellite VPN protection
Annoying blocks
There are a lot of blocked websites nowadays, video call and instant message apps. You can fix all of that in one click.
Digital footprint
Your clicks or visits to the website gives an information about you and it can be used malicious activity.
Keep data safe
Hide personally identifiable information from websites visited. Keep your data safe, stay incognito for marketers and hackers.
Quick overview
More then 10 counteries in access
Fast connection speed
Access to all blocked zones
Encryption protects your personal data
Unlimited speed and traffic
Full incognito
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What gives the use of Satellite VPN
The most useful features in one application
Change country
of residence
Change your location and take advantage of different promotions across the world
Protect your
Satellite VPN protects your personal information and makes sure that you stay confidential
Access to any
websites and apps
Access to your favorite blocked sites, movies or apps at any time